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Friday, September 08, 2006
Of Mice & Sailing Ships

The silly fast and loose tele-play with what is and isn't, witnessed daily on “our screens”, defines the Bush era under George the Lesser.
As with the shameful Disney attempt to rewrite Bush's 911 cowardice out of pop history, it is worth noting that a prime rule of the disinformation game is simply getting the lie, challenged or not, out there.

I always use 1988's Vincennes Incident to illustrate how a seeming impossibility can, with some lazy TV coverage, become the illusion of truth.
At the time it was reported that a US navel vessel shot down an Iranian passenger jet flying over the Persian is later kind of reported that radar showed the jet in an attack approach.
Anyway, shortly after the reported shoot down "Iranian home video" appears on CNN of naked unblemished adult bodies floating on water said to be the Persian Gulf.
First, it's 1988.
How many camcorders are in Iran and what are the chances the camera operator would be so close to the mid sea impact site?
Second, you are a passenger on a jet that has just exploded from a sea to air missile impact.
Do you really imagine that, following such a horrible event; your whole, unblemished and completely nude body would be discovered floating with 7 or 9 other unblemished, whole and completely nude alleged passengers in the middle of a large body of water like the Persian Gulf?
What ever you think, the footage was described as pictures of the Iranian jet victims.
Over the passage of time, the footage, of course, has disappeared from our collective infopop memory.
For several years following 1988 it would occasionally appear in newscasts when the topic of the Vincennes was discussed.
Get the lie floats and lingers far longer than a body in heavily shark-infested waters.

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