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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Catamite’s Down Under
by Congressmen At Work with apologies to Men At Work

Blabbin’ with a fried hair Barbie
‘Bout power’s tail, bed is the lobby
"Strange mentoring", she said on purpose.
She bought my spin, gave me this curse,

"Do ‘ya strum to a beat all down low?"
Pages turn their buns grow plumper
As I hunt, I hunt them younger.
"‘Ya better hon, ‘ya better use butter."

Getting’ head ‘hind a cloak in Congress
Sugar’s path sho’ keeps me humpin’.
I typed, "Do ‘ya text-a my love strange?"
He imaged me a catamite’s sandwich
'An typed,

"I hum on a beat all down low
Where things grow and leader’s sunder
No dear don’t fear, the media slumber
You better son, be a fantasy lover."

Cryin’ in a TV to say
"No fault, we’re hardly that way."
I said, “Wolf, you tryin’ to pimp me?
‘Cuz me bum’s the bum o‘plenty?"
He said,

"Did you gum on a whip's down under?"
Women solo, boys they bugger
Never queer, major fear historic thunder
Better run to a rehab cover.

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