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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Congressman Geoff Davis, likely in quiet, well-furnished seclusion with a large MaiTai this weekend, has to realize that dyslexic or not he erred and erred mightily Thursday evening in fourteen almost banal seconds of Jungian and McLuhan-esque sound, feeling and imagery that fairly whip cracked out of the television and across the 24 counties of Kentucky’s 4th District.
A Dukakisian blunder that might not be ameliorated by the National Republican Campaign Committee’s local purchase, yesterday, of $424,786 worth of television commercial time for their heart-warming blend of fear and accusation.
But, wait, isn’t there a collection of tubes somewhere called the Internets?
Within a few moments of their YouTube upload, the brief, ennui-packed “17 Soldiers” video was noticed, mentioned, linked to and has, as of this writing, been watched by 18,107 people and ranks in 36th place in the hot/hip website’s Most Viewed category.

Most domestic US and global viewers, however, will never enjoy the crashing personal zeitgeistian confluence of national gestalt with the local sizzle of Mr. Davis’ soldier-padded curriculum vitae smoking under the searing amber-tinted TV lights.
The heavily promoted local man on the House Armed Services Committee was unaware of October’s war dead not even a week after a large contingent of local Army National Guard boys left for equally dangerous Afghanistan.
It is almost too cosmic to even imagine.
A truly astonishing, and for the old establishment completely unexpected, development when tiny, once almost invisible, congressional districts can garner near instant national and global media exposure without a single dime’s investment.
Tiny national notes occurring in harmony if not lockstep with a national theme.
But, hark!
Geoff Davis is also, though not as widely advertised, a Member of the House Committee on Financial Services, a Member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and, tantalizingly, a Member of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises.
Humm…add these House memberships to Geoff’s easy squeezie House vote, possible dyslexia and known bench warming along with the Check ‘n Go contribution flip-flop and give it a thoughtful shake in the iced double old-fashioned glass of public opinion before the KET debate this Monday at 8pm...The result hopefully a ByeBye, not a MaiTai!
If you and I think this American midterm-go-round between Light and terror-stoking Darkness has been tough, just you wait until the media establishment, their six or seven controlling corporations, the remaining free internet companies and a lawyer or two get extra serious over what could be costly Federal re-regulation of the evolving telecommunications and media/political, digital/industrial complex within the US in the not so distant future.
Ouch, I need an icy drink with a paper umbrella!

At 3:45pm this Saturday afternoon "17 Soldiers" had risen to 28th place on the YouTube Most Viewed with 19,344 viewings.
At 7pm Saturday, the video was in 26th place with 21,667 views.
By 11:50pm Saturday evening "17 Soldiers" was now the 23rd most viewed video among all YouTube categories with 24,007 viewers.
Since I'm in a frenzy of 4th dimensional text editing, please visit the great Mike Roger's website BlogActive to hear Barney Frank brilliantly engage on the subject of "gay" Republicans.

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