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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Has coverage of a recent military calamity been shushed off our bunting-draped TV election news desks?
And if if this story has disappeared who could be the beneficiary, pray tell?

A link from a blog commenter caused me to remember a series of explosions at an American “ammo dump” that I watched live on CNN on the evening of October 10, 2006.
Here's another link to the dramatic home video that was shot by an American soldier...the video has a very interesting audio track.
The explosions were quite large and even in CNN’s grainy live night vision image, I could see flaming debris flying in large arcs and igniting more of the dark landscape.
CNN reporters in the Green Zone reported that the explosions were “quite large” and could be felt miles away from the scene.
The blog commenter and his link reminded me that this story has, like so many others during these Bush years, disappeared.
Image and text Google searches reveal that the story has been removed from most domestic corporate news servers.
If you don’t want to take my word click on one of the several explosion photos associated with local American TV stations shown on the search pages.
While these small images are still available, the stories that accompanied them have been for the most part erased.
This is the MyDD page the original poster linked for my reading.
Houston Independent Media links to several sources that claim large numbers of casualties and equipment losses. has pictures of Forward Base Falcon after the October 10 explosions.
This Iraqi blog posted during the explosions.
My pricy membership in New York Times Select allowed access to this October 11th report, which drops any mention of the Falcon explosions into the 4th paragraph:

A series of huge explosions that shook the capital over several hours late Tuesday evening, apparently caused by a fire inside an ammunition holding area at a United States military base in southern Baghdad.
The origins of the blaze are still being investigated, but it set off ammunition and ordnance, including tank rounds and artillery

Something happened outside Baghdad during the local early morning hours of October 10 and 11th.
What happened and its importance to American voters I cannot say except that I did watch these massive explosions as CNN reported live during the prime time American TV viewing hours of October 10, 2006.
I would urge you to examine these links, to perform you own Internet searches and to ponder this story’s domestic US disappearance mere days before a referendum on our current execution of this most unfortunate sideshow to the War on those responsible for the 911 attack.

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