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Sunday, October 01, 2006

My latest YouTube effort Republican Drip Drip in :20

From my just failed attempt to embed a new YouTube video, I'm finally understanding the techno-mumbo-jumbo emails ( Mark Cuban corporate intrigue,?) I've been getting from Blogger: I can't embed a YouTube video anymore and (I'll just assume without looking) my old video embed links no longer work.
I feel sad Blogger and, no doubt, GoogleVideo feel so threatened by the very home-spun nature of YouTube.
Sure, I've looked at GoogleVideo but that file sharing venue seems more professional than the backyark fence gossip quality of YouTube.
The Google business model is too vast and too associated with free expression to become so suddenly Stalinist, or is it?
My contacts with the people at Blogger have always been more than pleasant and I would hope they could revisit this pouty, short-sighted corporate decision.

Images: AFP, BBC,, Reuters
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