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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Book Value

It has come to my recent attention that items other than art pottery are increasing in value among collectors.
If you had purchased the gorgeous but historically naughty book based on the Desire of Spring: Erotic Fantasies of the Edo Period exhibit at the Kunsthal Rotterdam when I recommended it on February 1, 2005 you would have paid 49.50 EUR or $65.07.
Amazingly, this book, titled Japanese Erotic Fantasies: Sexual Imagry of the Edo Period is now selling on for $101.25 new and $95.83 used.
Canny readers of this blog will have realized a $36.18 profit on their investment on a book that will likely continue increasing in value.

For some reason I also searched for a book on American Art Tiles and Pottery that was published in 1998 and has since seen a second edition printed. is selling one copy of American Art Pottery Identification and Values by Dick Sigafoos, a book I purchased from the author when his collection sold at the Cincinnati Art galleries for $24.95.
The giant on line seller is asking an astonishing $250 for their one first edition copy of the Sigafoos book.

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