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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
He Was Not Amused

According to The Hill:

At a private reception held at the White House...Bush asked [VA Senator-elect Jim] Webb how his son, a Marine lance corporal serving in Iraq, was doing. Webb responded that he really wanted to see his son brought back home...“I didn’t ask you that, I asked how he’s doing,” Bush retorted.

The Washington Post adds a little juice with dialogue:

"How's your boy?" Bush asked, referring to Webb's son, a Marine serving in Iraq.
"I'd like to get them out of Iraq, Mr. President."

"That's not what I asked you," Bush said. "How's your boy?"
"That's between me and my boy, Mr. President," Webb said.

According to, our figurehead Queen was not properly gracious:

There are no obligatory codes of behaviour - simply courtesy...There are also no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting The Queen...but many people wish to observe the traditional forms.

According to Emily Post at

One whose tactless remarks ride rough-shod over the feelings of others, is not welcomed by many...a bore might more accurately be described as one who is interested in what does not interest you.

Perhaps, it was the Senator-elect's non-compliance with the modern version of the throne approach as Mr. Webb "declined to stand in a presidential receiving line or to have his picture taken with the man he had often criticized".
Though many of the usual suspects will disagree, I think Mr. Webb's behavior and attitude used to be called honor.
At no time did he disrespect the office of the presidency or, when approached, the President.
Many, including I'm sure the original White House leakers, will criticise Webb by pretending Mr. Bush extended a hand of friendship.
Webb had already given Mr. Bush a polite out.
But, faux alpha males seemingly cannot take hints.
Mr. Bush, characteristically, chose to push himself onto Webb, a real alpha male, and used the demeaning and overly casual phrase "your boy" in referencing the Senator-elect's son.
I thought Webb maintained what had to be his exploding temper quite well and, I think, this exchange is merely the shrimp cocktail to what will prove to be a veritable banquet of testy exchanges between Mr. Bush, his administration and the brilliant and red-headed junior Virginia Senator-elect.

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