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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
No 'Grand Slam' for Jim...

As a steady morning vote was progressing across the damp late autumn hills of northern Kentucky, the Commonwealth’s 75 year-old junior Senator Jim Bunning was focused on a hearty “55 plus” breakfast at a crowded Perkin’s restaurant in bustling morning rush Highland Heights.
The senator, according to various elderly grade school and high school classmates scattered throughout the dining area, “was his usual grumpy self” and “kept his head down” through his meal.
That the legendary Bunning temper was apparently awake and smoldering this election morning, I’m told, caused much amusement and comment among people who can still fondly and acidly recall the Senator’s 6 year-old playground squabbles.
The general knee-slapping consensus was that if old Jim’s crabby now just you wait until this evening!

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