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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One of Geoff Davis’ most smarmy attacks against his Democratic opponent Ken Lucas have been the series of expensively produced “Erpenbeck letter” commercials.
The letter, sent in 2004 by sitting Congressman Ken Lucas to Federal District Court Judge William Bertelsman, asked that Judge Bertelsman consider mercy when sentencing an elderly former bank president for his manipulated involvement a multi-million dollar fraud case involving home builder Bill Erpenbeck.
Davis’ relentless TV attacks imply collusion and ill-gotten gain while failing to mention that Mr. Lucas’ letter merely asked for mercy when considering the sentencing of one elderly man.
The Cincinnati Post, yesterday, reported that Mr. Davis, currently trailing (click on map) in the polls, might have tarred himself with his own broad brush:

At least four of Davis' campaign contributors wrote similar letters, according to records in U.S. District Court… Democrats are crying foul over the attack on Lucas, saying dozens of people wrote letters.

Republicans always attack around what they perceive as their own failings or weaknesses.
We have seen many examples over the last few days including yesterday’s Bush-manufactured Kerry flap, the Veep’s wrangle with Rangel and Lynne Cheney’s novel interpretations of military and lesbian fiction.
It is not often, as with the lamentable fiction of Mr. Davis' attacks, that tables are turned so smartly before an election.

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