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Thursday, January 25, 2007
"12 Soldiers"

As a boy I was taught about sins of commission and omission.
According to vast swaths of the traditional media, the Blackhawk “crash” in Diyala province northeast of Baghdad last Saturday killed “12 soldiers”.
But the people taken out by this “crash”, according to the list published by Stars and Stripes were hardly ordinary soldiers.
Excluding the chopper pilot and two men from the Virgin Island national Guard of whom little is known at present, the casualties included a young Signal Corps Corporal, two Command Sergeants Major working out of Joint Forces Headquarters, a Major with a computer background and two noncoms assigned to the 185th Air Assault Regiment, one First Sergeant and two Colonels, one who served as chief of the aviation and safety division at the National Guard Bureau and a second who was the command surgeon for Multi-National Force-Iraq.
If this wasn’t a “crash” someone has compromised our intelligence at a very high level.
This is another significant reason against concentrating and increasing US troop strength within Baghdad.

Modified Image: AP
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