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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No matter's posted Daily Fashion Checklist which says:

Make sure you're wearing suitable socks and underwear. You don't want to be caught off guard with holes in your socks or wearing your less-than-adequate underwear.

Former Bush Deputy Secretary of Defense and current World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz was photographed, Sunday in Edirne, Turkey, leaving the Selimiye mosque with holes in the toe of both his socks.
Can you imagine the looks, among dignitaries gathered in the Ottoman-era mosque, directed toward the American with the naked toes?
If Dick Cheney's consentration camp parka and Wolfowitz's sock holes weren't shame enough may I, as first noticed by a sharp-eyed online commenter from the great northwest, point out the stains on the left pant leg of dirty Wolfie's dirty suit?
Formerly famous for licking his comb in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 while grooming the remains of his hair, Mr. Wolfowitz now insures his grubby world stage infamy with a trail of sweaty toe prints.
But, of course, it gets worse as Circumlocutor posted yesterday:

After the visit (and with his shoes, thankfully, on his feet), he attempted to buy two necklaces for his daughters in the shopping area next to the mosque. Realizing he did not have sufficient money ($275 YTL - about $196) to pay for the necklaces, he had to borrow it from his security detail.

America standing tall, not, with the open-toed chiseler.

Photos: AP
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