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Friday, April 06, 2007
She's a Lady...

Robin Givhan, the Washington Post staff writer who occasionally subjects the powerful to a bracing fashion critique, offers common sense and logic as balm for the latest rightwing mouth-foamer frenzy, Nancy Pelosi’s scarf.
According to Ms. Givhan, the Speaker of the House of Representatives followed the letter of Moslem tradition with the accessorized color of our own cultural spirit:

One hesitates to say that she accessorized her ensembles with the scarves…. They were more meaningful than that. They allowed her to be respectful of the day's hosts while maintaining her own public identity. She looked like herself and she maintained control of the visual message.

Another American walker of the world stage didn’t fare as well:

There are few images more discomforting than public figures thrust into foreign cultures and required to wear the host's traditional attire. Almost without exception the visitors tend to look smaller and more vulnerable. They evoke the uneasiness of children who have been dressed by a parent.

The above photo shows President Bush looking fat and uncomfortable at the 2005 APEC Summit in Korea.

Photos: AP, Eric Draper-White House
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