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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I guess it’s about time I posted something.
I mean...we’re getting…um, concerned inquiries regarding my status…
Am I up/down, in/out or fossilized in front of the tube along with a months old glass of milk and a partially eaten pizza?
Lacking the dramatic and scenically kitschy 50s mortality of TV tray mummification, I can honestly self-reflect and conclude that my feelings and present interest in pop media, as depicted by the White House and their pet corporate shills, withered as though anointed with the drying natron salts of ancient Egypt.
Call it spring fever and my semi-annual revulsion with omnipresent trash media…a sort of Bush/Imus/Mass Killer overload.
A healing, though exhausting, return to a gym routine after some health issues along with the therapeutic arrival of Season 2 of The Venture Bros, a few good books and the spring garden have succeeded in restoring some needed balance.
Forgive, dear reader.
I shall return.

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