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Thursday, May 17, 2007

In this ludicrously early presidential spring, top Democrats are blooming amid the soft dappled pigments of the leftward art community.
The feel is an easily digestible, however umbral, neo pop with more than a hint of tribute to the past’s heroes with the classical attitude of the charismatic subject matter.
"Hillary Clinton #2" (above, left) is by Zina Saunders and is merely one of many very interesting portraits displayed on her Art Talks webpage.
Senator Obama (above right) was painted by Dana Schutz for a New Republic cover and accompanies a brief Art Newspaper report on a few of the Illinois Senator’s more prominent art-minded backers.
An indirectly busy art week for Senator Obama had campaign staffers emulating John Ashcroft by tossing neutral drapes over several provocative exhibits prior to their candidate appearing before a 500-person rally held at the Plant Zero gallery in Richmond, VA last week.
Tastefully sheeted was a 6ft by 10ft canvas, titled "Snake Charmer " by Jamie Boling wherein an image of tarnished pop goddess Britney Spears (yawn!) is painted uncovering the remnants of her publicly tattered maidenhood.
Eyeball weary Obama staffers also found drapery for another of Mr. Boling’s seemingly edgy paintings entitled simply “Kill Lincoln”.
Memo to Obama staffers: Unlike pols, art isn’t necessarily all things to all people all the time and artists rarely take to scripting…Count your blessings because the art gallery event could have, with a surly artist and a slipped drape, been a Bush-sized fiasco.

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