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Saturday, February 04, 2012

With Ted

Birthday 2004 Version2
Love the portraits! Very cool.
ALSO: Got a kick out of your SatMag pix on Dave Hughes' site. A laugh-out-loud surprise seeing that hilarious Ma Bell graphic. You were so perfect!
Hope you are happy healthy and doing well.
Best, --MJ

PS: Friend me if you're on FB!
Except for occasionally checking the hit counter I don't visit this site very often and just noticed your comment last evening (9/26/12).
Sadly, I cannot force myself to give Facebook my eyeballs or any free content...'friending', (shudder!!!), my virtual particles would stymie any possible meat world actuality.
Check out my last effort, or tweet me a twat as I fail to grokk Twitter @gridfatigue (sound familiar?)

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