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Monday, March 28, 2005
Dangerously out of touch or

Long before President Bush and Barney scampered out of Air Force One to wave a doggie paw at the media pool this afternoon, infamous corporate press whore Elizabeth Bumiller penned her latest hagiographic attempt to depict the President's recent unusual behavior as benign.
Ms. Bumiller, like CNN who assured America this afternoon that Mr. Bush's Terri Schiavo intervention was completely non political, sees the President as a sly, sheepish and "frisky" jokester rather than a dangerously out of touch president with plummeting poll numbers:

The frisky president people are seeing in public is simply the one he has kept private for the last four years..."He's an impishly fun, very clever guy," said Margaret Spellings, the secretary of education.

Bumiller casually mentions for the first time in the mainstream US media Mr. Bush's flirtation with a Belgiun TV interviewer last month:

Bush blurted out to the young woman that she had "great eyes," glanced away slyly and then a little sheepishly.

Burmiller neglects to mention that this sheepish flirtation was captured on videotape when the then Gannon-beset President supposedly believed the cameras had stopped recording and caused Mr. Bush to be the butt of wide spread ugly American European media mockery as he started his barely successful fence-mending EU tour.
Remember everyone, Elizabeth is only to thoughtlessly repeat what she has been told by highly placed Bush retainer sources.
Doug Ireland reported the Bush flirt in a February 18th post:

Tonight's edition of Belgian public television's main news program broadcast an exclusive White House interview with Bush in advance of the president's arrival in Brussels that contains another embarassing Bush moment. Asked whether differences on Iraq would cloud his visit with the Belgian government, Bush launched into an anecdote about his trip to a chocoloate merchant on his last Belgian excursion. Then, as his attractive female interviewer thanked him and stood up to leave, Bush--apparently thinking the cameras were already off--muttered with a sly look and salacious grin, "You have beautiful eyes!" This on-air flirt, which could be seen Stateside where I caught it, on the international francophone channel TV 5 (of which Belgian TV is a co-sponsor), is being replayed on European television.

I linked to Ireland's page on February 20th.
It is interesting to note the difference between Ireland and Bumiller's intrepretation of Bush's flirtation.

Trouser Colossus

I have been wanting a reason the republish this photo which appeared in a Wisconsin newspaper last year as Vice President Cheney enjoyed ice cream during a campaign stop.
After publication it was reported that readers called the newspaper office to ask if anyone noticed the snugness of the VP's trousers prior to publication.
The newspaper, with bulging eyes no doubt, noticed and tried its best to hinder the graphic photo's disemination.
I grabbed my copy when Wonkette published it just prior to the election.
Today, the Weekly News Of The World, the UFO and Bat Boy tabloid of record, reports that a buff and youthful Vice President Cheney dabbled in nude modeling:

"Oh sure, I remember him. He modeled for me for nearly two years," recalls retired sculptor Lorraine Feinbaum. "Of course, back then he went by the name 'Big Dick Cheney,' as he was rather, um, well-endowed -- which put him in great demand."

While political Washington knew the VP carried a big stick few, I imagine, suspected its true WMD proportions.

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