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Thursday, November 09, 2006
This past Tuesday’s Democratic victories may be sweet but my personal joy has been damped by a Republican victory here in Kentucky’s 4th District, a victory I suspected was bound to happen.
With obscene amounts of Republican cash, ginned-up pretend issues, a young and energetic candidate and little to no scruples the Davis/Rove campaign capitalized on the Democrat’s age and his Kentucky gentleman’s insistence on decency and integrity.
Had Mr. Lucas challenged the unfair avalanche of “Erpenbeck letter” commercials with a personal televised renunciation and had his campaign taken advantage of Davis’ KIA gaffe at the NKU debate with another television commercial, I feel certain the 4th District would have joined the blue wave that inundated Washington, DC and the neo conservative dream of empire.
Certainly, Mr. Davis’ touted inclusion in out-of-fashion congressional Republican power circles will not behoove the sophomore congressman to the newly Democratic Capitol Hill.
Mr. Lucas, a socially conservative old Blue Dog, would have gifted our region with congressional seniority and a close working friendship with the new national powers.
Mr. Davis, in stark contrast to the millions of dollars poured into his campaign, must now bide his time in a white-walled basement office while planning the baby steps of compromise that could, amusingly, label him a "Pink Dog".
A second term in a Democratic Congress will not give Mr. Davis the feared “lock” on his current office.
As Mr. Yarmouth in Kentucky’s 3rd District and other races showed this past Tuesday, the tide of populist and non-career politicians is rising.
An effective Democratic challenge to the newly re-elected Mr. Davis in 2008 must begin soon.
Are there any well-spoken soldier/farmers out there?

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